Countering Violent Extremism: Expert Discussion.

Last month Alicia Kearns joined the U.S. Government’s Public Diplomacy Commission to speak at a public meeting on Countering Violent Extremism through Public Diplomacy on Capitol Hill.

Alicia argued the need for clear measures of effect, and provided an assessment of the approaches taken to tackling far-right and Salafist takfiri jihadists narratives. She argued the need to move towards the creation of native narratives, rather than reactive approaches responding to extremist output. She also set out the need for effective and scientific understanding of target audiences, as well as the end of guesswork and intuition in public diplomacy, to ensure that interventions are based on insight and that effects can be measured.

Discussions included how government can best combat violent extremist narratives, best practice on actor co-ordination, government-civil society partnerships, public policy, and wider strategic communications.

Alicia spoke alongside: