Global Influence helps Families Target Would-Be Terrorists

Today Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) announced the second phase of their global initiative to help families and charities unite and stand up to violent extremism.

‘The Truth’ is a video we have created to help FATE in their important work creating dialogue to prevent radicalisation and challenge Daesh’s narratives.

The video begins with a man dressed as a jihadist speaking directly to the camera, with the DAESH flag behind him. Viewers are led to believe it is a DAESH propaganda film. However, as the man speaks, the true intent of the film becomes apparent – the more the man talks, the more DAESH is undermined. The main actor reveals his true motivations as he speaks – which ensures the audience is left in no doubt as to the selfishness of these individuals and forces them to recognise their personal responsibility.

FATE, the biggest grassroots anti-violent extremism network anywhere in the world, is mobilising communities to speak out against DAESH and protect families. The network now brings together over 43 charities from eight countries across Europe and North Africa.

The campaign is the culmination of a six-week Target Audience Analysis using RAID® (Rapid Audience Insights Diagnostics), Global Influence’s audience profiling tool. RAID® takes the methodology used in marketing, military, conflict and political contexts, and applies it to social-change campaigns.

Sven Hughes, CEO, Global Influence, said:

“This isn’t easy work to do but we must all take a stand to communicate with those most vulnerable to terrorist ideologies. This film will hopefully challenge DAESH’s creation of fear, uncertainty, and a divided society. We must come together and take a stand.”