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    We build empathy, creating dialogue to end division
    in challenging, complex and high stake environments.

    We build empathy, creating dialogue
    to end division in challenging,
    complex and high stake environments.

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    Our services include target audience analysis, strategy
    and behaviour change interventions – all underpinned
    by the science of certainty; RAID®.

    Our services include target audience
    analysis, strategy and behaviour
    change interventions – all underpinned
    by the science of certainty; RAID®.

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    Recent clients include governments, NGOs, commercial
    organisations and high value individuals.
    We solve real-world problems. We deliver real-world solutions.

    Recent clients include governments,
    NGOs, commercial organisations
    and high value individuals.
    We solve real-world problems.
    We deliver real-world solutions.


Our experience delivering effective influence solutions within high-stakes
environments spans the globe, as well as numerous key sectors:
We design, and manage, election and referenda campaigns around the world.
We provide community engagement platforms and interventions for governments facing unrest.
We deliver online amplification and counter-narrative solutions for clients across various sectors.
We deliver training and interventions for several international militaries, specialist units and private security contractors.
We work with global businesses to counter the illegal trade of products in their sector.
We assist NGOs and charities with fundraising, as well as their communications to in-country audiences and international media.
Our strategic communications training modules are supplied to universities, military academies and global businesses.
We provide multinational corporations with usable intelligence for new market entries, M&A, and competitor awareness.
We provide counter-extremism research, strategies and interventions for governments and intergovernmental organisations in various geographies.
We help businesses engage with their governments, as well as extending their reach into public sector marketplaces.


Developed over ten years, Rapid Audience Insights Diagnostic® has helped build empathy and create dialogue to end division in over 120 countries. RAID® understands people's psychological drivers, contextual influences, influence hierarchies, channel choices and lexical usage using 24 academically peer-reviewed factors to deliver measurable behaviour change.


Rapid Audience Insights Diagnostic

RAID® comprises 24 individual parameters that exist within four broader insight areas. These include an audience’s cognition, linguistic traits and susceptibilities, contextual factors, and transference structures.
What makes RAID® unique is how these 24 parameters can be assessed in combination, delivering an unprecedented amount of intelligence in a short timeframe. This has proven to be an invaluable feature for high-stakes briefs and environments.

20 years of research and development have gone into creating our proprietary insights methodology. Today, it is widely regarded as the most sensitive system in use for linguistic analysis and corresponding behaviour-change interventions.

RAID® delivers a sophisticated consequence and causality assessment of any target audience. Simply put, you get actionable insights that can direct behaviour-change strategies and interventions, with in-built assessment.

RAID® has been adopted by numerous governments, militaries and blue chip companies to drive strategy, mitigate risk, and provide reliable and effective monitoring of strategic communications.


Due to the nature of our particular clients, our services are often bespoke.
However, we consistently offer three suites of products across the world:

The Media

Global Influence in the news:
Countering Violent Extremism
Countering Violent Extremism: Expert Discussion.

Alicia Kearns joins US Government Public Diplomacy Commission discussions on Countering Violent Extremism through Public Diplomacy...

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Ethnic Cleansing of Aleppo
Ethnic Cleansing of Aleppo.

Global Influence director, Alicia Kearns, argues that Aleppo’s ‘evacuation’ was no such thing, on the front page of the Huffington Post...

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Our take on public diplomacy and the Foreign Secretary.

Global Influence director, Alicia Kearns, discusses Boris Johnson's recent comments about Saudi Arabia and Iran on BBC Radio 4's World at One...

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PR and comms face the perfect verbal storm.

Leave and Trump campaigns can herald a new verbal dawn for communications, at the expense of 'arrogant network agencies' and their visual bias...

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Experts say that U.K plans to ban children from sexting won't work.

Global Influence's Alicia Kearns interviewed by Vice media...

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Global Influence and FATE in North Africa.

Global Influence's Sven Hughes recently attended the FATE conference in Tunis where more than two hundred FATE members came from all over the world, to discuss alternative methods combating radicalisation...

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Trump is mirror
Trump is a Mirror.

It wasn’t an accident. There was a reason Trump presented himself as a loud-mouthed bigot during the campaign - because it works...

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Families Targets
Global Influence helps Families Target Would-Be Terrorists.

Today Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) announced the second phase of their global initiative to help families and charities unite and stand up to violent extremism...

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The Tyranny of Terrorists on Twitter.

Global Influence Director, Alicia Kearns, discusses the extent to which social media is responsible for Daesh recruitment in the Huffington Post...

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media image
Is political advertising dead?

Global Influence’s founder, Sven Hughes, is interviewed in this weekend’s Financial Times discussing the US Presidential Election and how emotion is more resonant than facts...

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Global Influence Launches New Awareness Campaign For FATE.

Today we’re announcing a new global initiative with Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE)in a bid to help vulnerable families come together and stand up to violence and terrorism...

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media image
Dialogue Over Division.

We created this video to encourage integration at a grassroots level in London. We need dialogue over division, cohesion, not division, and shared understanding, not hate.

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Families Against Terrorism and Extremism. Helping communities say #Enough.

We created this video to help the family of charities that make up FATE take a stand against extremist narratives and support their communities to say “Enough” to extremism...

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media image
Nigeria against the odds.

In support of an alliance of major businesses in Nigeria we created this film to raise awareness of this book as part of a wider campaign to support stability in Nigeria.

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media image
Supporting veterans’ rehabilitation with Fishability UK.

Fishability UK is doing great work supporting ex-forces personnel who are receiving physical or psychological rehabilitation by providing fishing opportunities.

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media image
FCO's Alicia Kearns joins Global Influence.

Global Influence has brought in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Alicia Kearns as client services director. ...

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What strategic communications can learn from Mixed Martial Arts.

It is perhaps strange to cite MMA as a source of inspiration for the future development of the strategic communications industry...

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media image
The modern way to undermine modern terrorism.

There has been a lot of talk about DAESH, as one of the fastest-growing global brands...

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Global Influence takes part in OCCI Counterspeech lab in Berlin.

Global Influence this week attended the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI) Counterspeech Lab in Berlin...

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From business as usual to business unusual - The changing shape of information operations.

Full text of speech made by Sven Hughes on 14 June...

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Winning the war of words against Daesh.

Full text of speech given by Sven Hughes at the House Of Lords on 10th February 2016: Winning the war of words against Daesh...

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FATE Campaign and Summit.

FATE - Families against Terrorism and Extremism.

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From business as usual to business unusual.

A presentation by Sven Hughes, Founder, Verbalisation Ltd, on the changes needed in the new era of information warfare...

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DAESH and the verbal battlefield.

At risk of stating the obvious, the fight against DAESH isn’t being fought just on the battlefield...

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